Corrib Onshore Gas Pipeline

Application to An Bord Pleanála for approval for the Corrib Onshore Gas Pipeline under the Planning and Development (Strategic Infrastructure) Act 2006.

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Corrib Onshore Pipeline Environmental Impact Statement 2009


Volume 1 of 3 Non Technical Summary & Environmental Impact Statement

Non Technical Summary

Environmental Impact Statement

Section A: The Project

Section B: The Human Environment

Section C: The Natural Environment

Section D: Archaeology, Architectural and Cultural Heritage

Section E: Indirect, Cumulative Impacts and Impact Interactions

Section F: Summary of Impacts and Mitigation Measures

Volume 2 of 3 - Appendices

Volume 2 of 3 - Book 1 of 5 - Appendix A

Appendix A1 - Pipeline Alignment Drawings

Appendix A2 - Proximity of Pipeline to Local Housing

Appendix A3 - Viewpoints and Photomontages

Appendix A4 - Proposed Development Layout

Volume 2 of 3 - Book 2 of 5 - Appendix B-I

Appendix B - EIS Scoping Report

Appendix C - List of Consultees

Appendix D - Public Consultation

Appendix E - Traffic Management Plan

Appendix F - Traffic Impact Assessment Report

Appendix G - Air Quality and Climate

Appendix H - Noise and Vibration

Appendix I - Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment Report

Volume 2 of 3 - Book 3 of 5 - Appendix J-L

Appendix J1 – Ecological Impact Assessment

Appendix J2 – Bird Data Reports

Appendix J3 – Reports on Post Construction Monitoring at Upper Glencullen, Co. Mayo

Appendix K - Fresh Water Ecology Report

Appendix L – Marine Environment Supplementary Reports

Volume 2 of 3 - Book 4 of 5 - Appendix M (M1)

Appendix M - Soils and Geology

Appendix M1 – Geotechnical Assessment of the Non-Peat Areas Along the Proposed Route of the Corrib Onshore Pipeline

Appendix M1 A - Drawings

Appendix M1 B - Geotechnical Reports

Volume 2 of 3 - Book 5 of 5 - Appendix M(M2-M6) - S

Appendix M2 - Peat Stability Assessment

Appendix M3 - Geotechnical Assessment of Stone Road Construction in Peat Areas

Appendix M4 - Geotechnical Risk Register

Appendix M5 - Hydrological Impact Assessment

Appendix M6 - Eco-Hydrological and Eco-Hydrogeological Impact Assessment of Proposed Corrib Pipeline

Appendix N - Archaeology, Architecure and Culturial Heritage

Appendix O - Underwater Archaeological Assessment Report

Appendix P - Report on the Appropriate Assessment of the Corrib Onshore Pipeline under Article 6 of the EU Habitats Directive

Appendix Q - Pipeline Design Information

Appendix R - Materials Balance for Volumes of Material for Storage, Disposal and Reinstatement

Appendix S - Information on Micro-tunnelling

Volume 3 of 3 - Srahmore Peat Deposition Site Environmental Impact Statement

Volume 3 of 3 - Book 1 of 3- Non Technical Summary & Environmental Impact Statement

Volume 3 of 3 - Book 2 of 3 - Environmental Impact Statement

Volume 3 of 3 - Book 3 of 3 - Appendices

Corrib Onshore Pipeline - Book of Drawings (February 2009)

Srahmore Peat Deposition Site - Book of Drawings (February 2009)

An Bord Pleanalá Application Particulars

Shell E&P Ireland Limited
Registered Office: Corrib House,
52 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2, Ireland
Registered in Ireland
Company Number: 316588
Directors: MJ Crothers, JG Egan, AM Hamilton.